Hi! This is the Prezi Evangelism team. We're here to help you get the most out of Prezi. 

David Hooker

Lead Evangelist

David's unique role spreading the word of Prezi and why the world is changing the way it does presentations means he has worked with the likes of TED, the Clinton Foundation, Lufthansa, IBM, SXSW, Virgin Business, The Independent, and a whole load more. He’s also responsible for Prezi Causes, an initiative that helps some of the most ingenious charities and NGOs in the world spread their messages of innovation and empowerment via the medium of Prezi.

In a previous life, he spent more than five years working as an editor, writer, and content developer. He lived in South Korea for nine years, where he worked for the Ministry of Economy as well as Samsung. His work has included developing and presenting presentations to huge audiences of academics, politicians, civil servants, and business leaders.

See David's favorite work here and here.


Igor Lacerdino

Senior Designer

Igor first encountered Prezi in his role as a campus ambassador in Brazil. His work was sufficiently awesome that we invited him for a summer-long internship in Budapest. That went so well that he joined the Evangelism team as our junior designer making fantastic prezis for the likes of TED-Ed and Priceline.

See Igor's prezis.



Junior Designer




Junior Designer